15 Hottest Lesbians of the Month!

15 Hottest Lesbians of the Month

If you are looking for the best lesbian scenes in the porn industry, don’t miss our 15 Hottest Lesbians of the Month!

Watching two hot pornstars making out with each other is one of those simple pleasures in life that porn films have offered for decades. This beloved category is utterly sexy and erotic and so popular among both males and females that we have to create this list to show you some of the greatest lesbians of the month.

On this list, you will see pornstars that do all kinds of performances, from boy/girl to girl-on-girl, and those that have dedicated their careers to only bang every girly in the industry.

If you also want to compare this list with the Best Lesbians of 2023 to see how they are rising up in the list!

1. Cory Chase

Cory Chase

The only thing that could be better than watching a hot MILF on porn would be to watch the same MILF fucking a gorgeous and submissive girly. You might have seen Cory Chase already deep-throating massive dicks, or simply getting pounded mercilessly, but she enjoys just as much eating wet pussies and perky tits. Her stunning body is a great complement to her skills. Give her a go and see by yourself why she is the first pick on our list.

2. Kenzie Taylor

Kenzie Taylor

When it comes to kinky performers, Kenzie Taylor was the first that came to our minds. Not only because she loves creating fetish content of any type and has an insatiable sexual appetite, but because this girl is as beautiful as it can get. All of her plays are simply hypnotizing and look straight out of a playboy magazine. She loves fat cocks, but you will see that she looks the best when paired with other hotties.

3. Jade Baker

Jade Baker

Jade Baker is one of the first solo-lesbian performers that I have ever encountered, and from that moment, I completely fell for this stunner. She has one of the most seductive looks, and when she is paired with other girls, it becomes one of the most erotic shows you will ever see. You won’t find anything but girl-on-girl films when looking for Jade, but you won’t need them either. Her lesbian ones are as exciting as you need them to be.

4. Vanna Bardot

Vanna Bardot

Vanna Bardot is a girl you don’t see too often since her career is not that long and she is barely a teenager; however, there’s nothing innocent or delicate about her. Vanna is kinkier than many veterans, and don’t get surprised when you see her ordering around older women. She is just that ferocious! That’s a show you don’t see very often, and we will be forever grateful that a girl like Vanna worked her way into the porn industry.  

5. Silvia Saige

Silvia Saige

I love when pornstars don’t stay in a little box and try new things each time, but it is truly priceless when you can tell they simply kill it each time! You would guess that it is not easy to play both the submissive and dominant roles, but Silvia Saige seems like a total professional when it comes to that. There is just not only one word that best describes Silvia than versatile. Seeing her licking wet pussies will be your new hobby.

6. Abigail Mac

Abigail Mac

On the contrary, Abigail Mac is one of those pornstars that you simply adore to watch dominating other starlets in the industry. She has this very sultry look that melts anyone and can surely make drop the panties of every hottie she partners with for sex. We are sure all of those babes who got the luck of being paired with Abigail can agree on one thing: they didn’t expect it to feel so good!

7. April O’Neil

April O’Neil

This gorgeous tanned woman has a long career going on for herself. There was a time when April O’Neil performed along strong men that would dick her tirelessly, but at some point, she realized she was just meant to do lesbian porn as her main thing. And we couldn’t agree more! She is one of the best lesbian pornstars out there and has got the honor to lick, rub, and finger the most beautiful cunts the industry has to offer.

8. Kira Noir

Kira Noir

You might know this ebony pornstar for something very different than Lesbian sex scenes since she became famous for her fantastic anal plays, where her asshole would be stretched to infinity as she simply endures with the lewdest face possible. Nonetheless, Kira Noir loves trying new things and discovered that fucking other starlets with a strap-on could be just as fun!

9. Jenna Sativa

Jenna Sativa

How could we not add the Goddess Jenna Sativa to our top Hottests lesbians of the month? She should be mentioned the whole year because her films are simply out of this world! She has some gorgeous love handles that combine so perfectly with her natural tits and beautiful face. This Latina can’t get enough of being dominated by hot women on screen, and we can’t thank her enough to let us enjoy that with her!

10. Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechik

We have talked so much about Adriana Chechik on The Pink Rabbits that, at this point, you must be fully aware of who she is. But for those who might have landed here for the first time, you have her! This seductress needs little to no introduction. All we can say is that her filmography is not for the faint of heart! You can expect plenty of gangbangs, anal scenes, double-penetration, and high-quality kinky lesbian shows.

11. Scarlett Sage

Scarlett Sage

Scarlett Sage is a blonde bombshell that started her career when she was barely 19 years old! And since then, she has only fucked with other females. You can imagine all of the skills she has acquired through the years with the number of hot scenes she has done. Besides that, Scarlett is the queen of sex toys. The fact that she doesn’t like to get fucked by real dicks doesn’t mean that she can’t enjoy monster dildos on a daily basis.

12. Skylar Snow

Skylar Snow

Skylar Snow has one of the most lovely sets of boobs that we have ever seen. We can confidently say that her body is one of the top reasons why every boy and girl drools over her. Those perfect curves in such a naughty personality make a killer combo for raising dicks and wetting pussies. Look at Skylar's films if you want to see real squirts fill your screen. You will watch all kinds of girls rejoice in pleasure with her.

13. Ryan Keely

Ryan Keely

To be able to dominate this tall and strong woman, a guy needs to be pretty huge and strong himself. You will often see her getting railed by those lucky ones or simply dominating younger fellas to her heart’s content. As you might already guess, that is exactly what happens to cute little starlets who get in Ruan Keely’s way. This Amazonian will make sure they obey each one of her orders without hesitation.

14. Chloe Cherry

Chloe Cherry

Very few pornstars get to be as adorable and sexy as Chloe Cherry. And the best part is that this cutie is one of the most active pornstars of the moment! With such a petite frame, you would be right that Chloe usually gets the submissive role and completely kills it when she does. Even with lesbian scenes, Chloe gets to be below bigger females that do as they please with her body until they both explode in ecstasy.

15. Kenna James

Kenna James

Kenna James should pop up on the first page each time you look for teen pornstars because her whole body and face just tell you she is young and wild. This bisexual hottie is a wet dream come true. She is blond, slim, tight, and so delicious you will feel drooling all over your keyboard.

We couldn't finish this list without considering her because her eagerness for sex and sluttiness deserves a spot as one of the hottest lesbians of the month!

Did you agree with our picks?

It is hard to make a list out of this category when there is so much good material. Great pornstars have historically made at least a few of these lesbian scenes because they are simply so requested! And who wouldn’t love sexy action between two gorgeous babes?

For those that do only girl-on-girl performances, it is easy to notice how much they enjoy themselves and the talent that comes with experience. Let us know if you think we should have included any other pornstar! We will include her in our next edition of Hottest Lesbians.