The Best Redhead Pornstars of 2024!

Discover the hottest redhead pornstars who will set your world on fire with their fiery locks and seductive performances. Prepare for an unforgettable experience!

Best Ginger & Redhead pornstars in 2024

For anyone who is not aware, redheads are a minority in the world and they are also a minority when it comes to the porn industry. So who is the best redhead Pornstar? Well, it's hard to answer that question because there are so few of them out there.

But as a work for society, we did our best to create the list of the best ginger pornstars of the year, a list that includes Amber Ivy (of course!), Penny Pax or Jayden Cole.

Let's see all of them!

1. Amber Ivy

Best redhead pornstar

I am not sure if you’ve watched Amber Ivy’s performances, but in case you haven’t, then you definitely need to check them out as her videos are really awesome! The gorgeous redhead made her debut back in 2016 and has performed in dozens of scenes, most of them featuring hardcore sex.

Ever since her debut, she’s been working with the top studios in the industry, doing all kinds of porn including lesbian, boy/girl, interracial and anal, and everyone is taking notice of her work. With stunning red hair, a gorgeous face, a curvy body with natural tits and a round ass, she was born to do porn and she knows it because she really enjoys getting fucked, especially when she gets fucked in the ass!

2. Tana Lea

top redhead pornstar

I have no idea why I didn’t add her in this list in the first place, and I am sure you must have had the same idea if you’ve been here before, but I’ve rectified my mistake by adding this gorgeous redhead to the list.

Tana Lea has been in the industry for more than 2 years now and she has struck the perfect balance between professional porn and amateur porn. If you are fan of the mature babe, then you can find a ton of her videos on ManyVids as she updates new content there frequently, and she also works with the top studios in the industry as well to release the more professionally-shot porn on a regular basis.

Apart from interracial and lesbian scenes, she has even done creampie and anal scenes; but I wold really recommend you to watch her blowjob scenes because those are really something!

3. Lacy Lennon

Lacy Lennon

Lacy Lennon can be considered the best redhead performer in the industry at the moment based on just her looks. However, that’s not everything she has in her arsenal because she’s got all the skills and qualities that are needed in order to become a popular pornstar as well.

She is relatively new in the industry, as she made her debut back in 2018, but she’s already done tons of videos to prove her worth. Not only has she performed for the top studios and the top directors, but also worked with the best talents the industry has to offer. And apart from her amazing sucking and fucking skills, she’s also blessed with great physical features like a gorgeous face, stunning natural tits and an amazing ass; and she’s got the insatiable appetite for sex and a craving to suck on the rock hard dicks that’s crucial to become one of the best in the industry!

4. Vanna Bardot

Vanna Bardot

This petite babe has been in the industry for almost 2 years now, and I deliberately avoided featuring her in this list last year. The reason behind that was she looked way too young to be in porn, and that was mainly because of her braces. I don’t know why but I didn’t feel like featuring her because of that.

However, she no longer has any dental braces and she looks much more mature as compared to just a few months ago. If you don’t believe me, then just watch one of her earlier videos and compare it with one of her recent ones. Right now, I feel like she’s one of the cutest pornstars in the industry, but also quite slutty because she’s been sucking on and getting fucked by pretty big dicks; and her petite body with tiny boobs transform her into one hell of a submissive slut!

5. Lilith Lust

Lilith Lust

Lilith Lust (or Rainia Belle) is no longer active in the industry, as she retired a long time ago, but there are not enough reasons why she shouldn’t be on this list. She’s been considered one of the greatest redhead pornstars for years, and there are several reasons for that.

She’s got a great body, a surprisingly beautiful pair of big fake tits and she’s got a face so seductive that she can get any man or woman she wants without putting in any serious efforts. And it’s not just her big boobs that are stunning, she’s also got an equally big and thick ass that alleviates her hourglass figure. So, you definitely need to check all her videos out because you are going to fall in love with her just by seeing her cock-sucking skills!

6. Penny Pax

Penny Pax

If there’s any redhead performer that I really love at the moment, then it’s got to be Penny Pax! She not only looks extremely hot, but is also one of the most active babes in the industry right now as you can see her performing in a number of videos from the top studios and fucking the best talents the industry has to offer.

And she doesn’t just stick to the male pornstars because she equally loves the females and do a ton of lesbian scenes as well. She’s got the looks, naturally red hair and an amazing figure along with a huge set of natural tits which makes it mandatory for her to shove the dick in them in all of her scenes for a perfect tit-fuck! And she’s done all genres of porn including anal scenes, creampie scenes, interracial scenes and even BDSM scenes so there’s a lot of content for you to enjoy featuring this busty babe!

7. Lenina Crown

Lenina Crown

Lenina Crown is one of the newest performers in the industry as she made her debut only a few months ago, and has just a few scenes to her name for now. But the reason why I added her to the list was simple, this ginger looks gorgeous and she’s been shooting for different studios and has already worked with a couple of the top ones ever since her debut. She has been featured in a couple of VR videos along with the hardcore ones, and I am sure that we are going to see a ton of her stuff this year.

Moreover, the reason why I really like this gorgeous redhead is because she has confessed that she really loves taboo sex, and she wants to explore the different forms of fucking as much as she can. So, if you are a fan of busty babes with huge boobs, then you should definitely check this debutante out right now!

8. Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips is one of the hottest girls at the moment, along with being one of the best ginger pornstars. What makes her so attractive is that she’s got a gorgeous face and a stunning body, but she becomes even more attractive once she strips out of all her clothes. And it’s a real treat to watch her beautiful natural tits bounce, and squeezed, while she’s getting fucked and rammed in all the positions.

She began her career as a camgirl and become so popular that it was a no-brainer for her to enter the mainstream porn industry, and she’s not looked back since. She has done some really intense porn over the years, and thanks to her curvy figure that is flexible enough to go into any position, she’s become one of the most bankable performers right now. Moreover, being one of the tallest pornstars, she gets to work with all kinds of performers. She’s not just paired up with huge hunks that have no trouble dominating her, but she also do scenes with younger pornstars, mostly teenage girls, and dominates them completely!

9. Jessica Robbin

Jessica Robbin

The first time I saw this busty pornstar was in a massage porn video by a website called FuckedHard18, and I immediately fell in love with her. Not only was that video super hot, but it only became that way because of Jessica Robbin as she was just so involved in the entire scene.

Seeing her voluptuous body being massaged, her big natural tits being rubbed with oil and seeing her get fucked in multiple positions on the massage table was simply euphoric. And, she really enjoyed being fucked because she was giggling all the way through, moaning erotically with each stroke, and was sucking on the cock so enthusiastically that it was her favorite thing ever.

After that, I watched quite a lot of her videos and although they might not be as good as the massage one, they are still definitely worth watching.

10. Veronica Vain

Veronica Vain

Veronica Vain is one of the most beautiful redhead pornstars you’ll ever lay your eyes on; and what’s more, she becomes a total slut when the clothes are off and a hard dick is inches away from her face.

She’s a former financialist who worked at one of Wall Street’s top firms, but gave up the job to enter the porn industry as that’s what she was really interested in doing. So next time when you watch her videos, make sure to remember that she is actually enjoying the hardcore pounding that she’s receiving!

The stunning performer has been blessed with a beautiful face and a voluptuous figure with a super nice ass, but it’s her gorgeous pair of big fake tits that attracts all the attention because they are truly beautiful and a total treat to watch when squeezed hard!

11. Arietta Adams

Arietta Adams

This gorgeous teen pornstar made her porn debut as soon as she turned 18, and she hasn’t slowed down one bit as she’s been doing one hardcore scene after the other. Arietta Adams made her debut with an interracial porn scene and almost two years later, she’s performed in all genres of porn including anal scenes, interracial scenes, creampie scenes, lesbian scenes, squirting scenes and more.

Moreover, she’s still a teenager packed with tons of sexual energy, so there’s no way she’s going to stop doing porn now that she’s getting popular and being recognized for her work. She looks stunning as she’s got a gorgeous face, perky tits and an amazing bubble butt. She loves having sex so much that she doesn’t just wish to get fucked on a regular basis, but wants to wake up with a hard cock in her mouth every morning!

12. Maitland Ward

Maitland Ward

Maitland Ward made her debut only last year and even though she’s done just a handful of videos, I consider her to be one of the top redhead pornstars of this year!

There are multiple reasons for that decision, and the biggest one is because she jumped from being a mainstream actress to a cosplay model before finally becoming a professional pornstar. She’s got the looks of a mature woman, she’s got the experience of being in front of a camera, and she’s horny enough to take on the biggest of dicks with ease.

At the time of writing this, there aren’t as many videos featuring her as there are of the other pornstars mentioned in the list, but I am sure that’s going to change pretty soon as the busty MILF shoots more stuff. So, make sure to keep an eye out on this American pornstar this year!

13. Anna Bell Peaks

Anna Bell Peaks

She’s not exactly a redhead because her hair is a different shade than what we are accustomed to, but there are still tons of reasons why I decided to feature her on this list.

Anna Bell Peaks is one of the best inked performers to grace the porn industry in recent years, and her scenes always leave you satisfied. She’s been blessed with a stunning figure, but she took it a step further and transformed herself into a sex goddess by getting her body inked and her tits enhanced. Although her boobs are fake, they look much better than most of the pairs you see in the industry, and they are soft enough that they bounce and jiggle with every stroke and that makes a ton of difference.

She’s admitted that she loves to please everyone which is quite evident in her porn videos because she immediately drops down on her knees and open her mouth so that her costars can shove their huge dicks deep down her throat!

14. Jayden Cole

Jayden Cole

Lesbian porn is extremely popular because everyone loves watching two hotties get all over each other and enjoy every inch of their bodies. Moreover, it’s safe to say that the lesbian porn industry has exploded in the past few years because more and more lesbian videos are being produced. And to accommodate the growing demand, a ton of pornstars have made their debut.

Apart from the newcomers, there have always been several lesbian pornstars, but Jayden Cole was always one of the top ones. She’s an exclusive lesbian performer, which means that she only fucks girls on camera and I completely support her decision because her videos are always great.

She’s got a hot athletic figure with big natural tits, that when sucked and squeezed by another hottie are a delight to watch, along with a stunning face with her smoking red hair. So, next time when you want to watch girl-on-girl scenes, but you also want to watch redhead pornstars, do check out the videos Jayden’s been featured in!

15. Molly Stewart

Molly Stewart

Here’s another superhot redhead that made her debut in the porn industry in 2018, but she already was exposed to the adult industry in a way because she has been a Playboy model for quite a few years before that.

Molly Stewart has been a Penthouse Pet, Playboy Cybergirl and AVN girl and now it seems that she has her sights set on becoming a huge name in the porn industry as well. Up until now, she has done only a few dozen videos and performed exclusively with only girls which means that she’s aiming to be one of the top lesbian pornstars.

She’s done most of her videos for Brazzers, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that she’s one of the top Brazzers pornstars of the year as well. Also, there’s one thing that I really want to see and that is her performing with a guy and watching her take a dick in that tight pussy of hers this year and getting fucked in the roughest way possible!