Top 15 Best Thick and Curvy Pornstars of 2023

Best Thick and Curvy Pornstars

If you love a curvy goddess, you need to check our top 15 Best Thick and Curvy Pornstars of 2023.  

The porn industry has always been known for its perfectly cut models with slim bodies and stereotypically sexy bodies. But we are so happy that times are changing with more diverse sizes and shapes because these babes are as hot as they could be and so delicious they would leave your mouth watery with a simple look.

We suggest you buckle up and stick to the end because on this list you will find the most beautiful and naughty thick women you will ever see. And additionally, discover some stars on the rise that you need to keep your eyes on. And check the list of Best Curvy Pornstars too!

1. Victoria Cakes

Victoria Cakes

Right in the limit between the BBW category and the thick and curvy seductresses, we brought you to open this exciting list of the all-mighty black pornstar Victoria Cakes. Many words could be used to describe Victoria's ass, but to simply put it, it is epic. It’s simply one of the juiciest and most delicious asses in the whole porn industry, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you are missing some high-quality hardcore scenes with the biggest cakes out there.

2. Payton Preslee

Payton Preslee

If you love those slutty looks with highly enhanced bodies, you are going to drop your jaw once you see this gorgeous pornstar in action. Payton Preslee is a curvy bombshell covered in tattoos that make her look even hotter! You will not be able to get over those curves ever since Payton sports some of the most insanely sexy figures that porn has gifted humankind.

3. Jasmine James

Jasmine James

A mature pornstar is just what the doctor ordered today, and we bring you to the list a pornstar that we wish were still active today. Jasmine James has some of our favorite scenes of all time. If you are not a big fan of MILF, we are positive that you will want to give that a second thought once you try this hot woman. Even if you won’t find the most hardcore films within her repertoire, we assure you that the way she can take dick is more than enough.

4. Sheridan Love

Sheridan Love

Sheridan Love is one of the most gorgeous busty pornstars out there. Her short height makes her look all the better when it comes to the perfect curves of her body. But don’t get fooled by her small size because she is one mature woman that knows how to drive people crazy once she starts performing. You won’t even know what hits you when you find her girl-on-girl videos or even those very hardcore films of hers.

5. Angel Wicky

 Angel Wicky

Reaching this goddess, we wonder why we haven’t given Mrs. Angel more spotlight. Angel Wicky is a nymphomaniac that you wouldn’t want to miss ever in your life. Her experience makes her the perfect pornstar who knows how to raise dicks in seconds and empty them to the last drop. You will get hypnotized once this blonde and thick Czech babe starts to perform because she simply loves to get fucked, and it shows!

6. Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann

She must be one of the most recognizable pornstars in the whole pornography industry. She was simply everywhere, and it is very simple to know why. A quick look at this curvy queen will leave your jaw open to the floor and your cock as hard as a rock. Lisa Ann is in everybody’s minds, and if you forgot about her by any chance or haven’t had the luck to see her perform, you will welcome us to have brought her into your life.

7. Julie Cash

Julie Cash

Jane Cash would be number one if this list was about who’s the thickest and most juicy pornstars. She could almost fit in the BBW category thanks to her voluptuous body, 36D tits, and big ass and thighs, but that perfectly fit and flat abdomen put her straight into our curvy list. Seeing Jane give a boob job to every cock in the industry is a show that you need to experience firsthand.

8. Ivy Lebelle

Ivy Lebelle

This babe must be one of the smallest on the list, but her curves are just as deadly to most men and women. Ivy Lebelle has such sex appeal oozing to her pores that you will feel the intensity of her actions through the screen as vividly as she was right beside you. The best part? She has done it all! Lesbian scenes, gangbangs, and even double penetrations, you name it. This girl can handle all of that without breaking a sweat.

9. Karlee Grey

Karlee Grey

Being this cute and hot should be illegal! Karlee Grey is not for the faint of heart because she will fool you into thinking she is this little curvy and innocent teen, and then she totally transforms in front of the camera as soon as she is presented with those massive dicks she loves. Karlee has truly been blessed with a naturally thick body that simply looks delicious from every angle.

10. Aryana Adin

Aryana Adin

Aryana Adin is a gorgeous ebony pornstar who has delighted us with her amazing curves for almost 20 years. It is hard to understand how she is able to maintain such a fit body without losing an inch of her perfectly round ass. What we know is that all of that workout keeps her in the perfect shape for us to enjoy at home. If you see one of her videos, you will enroll for some of the best jerking-off sessions you’ve had in a while.

11. Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie

If you enjoy a hot busty MILF dominating younger partners, Phoenix Marie is the hottest pornstar of the moment for you. She has this sultry look that, paired with her amazing breasts and thick legs, gives one of the best Amazonian looks in the whole pornography industry. You won’t get bored when this blonde seductress is on, and we guarantee you won’t stop dreaming about her.

12. LaSirena69


One of the newest pornstars on our list, but also one of the greatest already! LaSirena69 is so gorgeous and talented that she has stolen many men's and women’s hearts in such a short period of time that you can only begin to imagine just how good her films must be. She has been granted not only a delicious figure but also a beautiful face that will hypnotize you the moment you see the little miniature in any of her videos.

13. Moriah Mills

Moriah Mills

Moria Mills is another ebony beauty on our list that’s so perfectly built you won’t believe such thickness exists. She hasn’t had that many years in the industry, but her whole filmography is so much worth it, and she has stared in some pretty hot ones, so we are sure you won’t get bored any time soon if you decide to explore what this babe is up to. We can only hope that Moriah keeps delighting us with her thick body for many more years.

14. Angela White

Angela White

We have talked extensively about Mrs. Angela White in The Pink Rabbits Blog, and there’s a very obvious reason why. Angela is simply stunning in every possible way. If you don’t want to think much about who to watch to jack off, pick Angela White, she won’t ever disappoint you, and her extensive amount of videos practicing pretty much everything will give you a wide range of fetishes and kinks to try on.

15. Romi Rain

Angela White

At the very bottom of our Top 15 Best Thick and Curvy Pornstars of 2023, you will find the glorious Romi Rain. This woman is not only extremely thick and gorgeous, but she also manages to pack everything a man or woman could wish for. Romi has a banging body, a seductive face, and the skills only a pornstar of her level could demonstrate in front of the camera. She is also very active, so you can expect her new videos uploaded frequently on your favorite porn site.

Did you get what you were looking for?

After looking at these gorgeous women is hard not to want to jump to your favorite pornsite and give them a bite to taste. You won’t get disappointed, tho! As you already read, they are as hot and horny as you would want them to be, and so ready to fulfill your dirtiest dreams!

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