Top 20 Tiniest and Shortests Pornstars of 2023

Check out the updated list of the Top 20 Tiniest and Shortest Pornstars in 2023!

Top 20 Tiniest and Shortest Pornstars of 2023

If you fancy some hot and small babes, check out our Top 20 Tiniest and Shortest Pornstars of the month. You will find here the updated list of smallest pornstars in 2023!

When it comes to likes, everyone has their own preferences. And in the pornography industry, those preferences get served just as you want them. Some prefer MILFs, others prefer Ebony girls, but today we will focus on those pornstars that won’t get passed 5’ tall. You will see the hottest short babes in the porn industry, and hopefully, you will find your new favorite cutest pornstar.

Fantasizing about dominating a tiny slut is one of the most common among men and women. They are so easy to carry and move around, perfect to position in every angle you want. Stick to the end and find all of the short pornstars you were looking for. By the way! We just updated our Best Hentai 2023 article, just in case you want to check it 😉

Check out the Top 20 Tiniest pornstars of 2023!

1. Kaylani Lei

Height: 4’11”

Kaylani Lei smallest pornstar

Her tanned skin looks so good with the Asian features that make her very hot. Kaylani Lei might be tiny and cute, but she has a long career behind her. If you want to get impressed with some pro-level skills in the art of lovemaking, Kaylani will give you just what you are looking for. All of her films are worth watching, and she has plenty of content to keep you occupied for a while.

She is definitely the best shortest pornstar of the year, no doubt about it!

2. Rachel Roxxx

Height: 5′

Rachel Roxxx pornstar small

She might not be the smallest on our list, but her delicious curves and sexual energy made us decide to add her just so you can get to know her better! Rachel Roxxx is a mature pornstar you need to see at least once in your life. Her fake tits are just the right size to fit her tiny frame, and her eagerness to jump on a hot scene is truly something else!

3.  Jade Kush

Height: 5′

Jade Kush tiny pornstar

There is a reason why Jade Kush slips to many of our lists here at The Pink Rabbits' sex blog. This Asian queen has a body to die for and a seductive look on her face that will make you drop your pants in no time. She has all the curves in all the right and needed places, and all of her beautiness is natural. The fact that she is a newbie must give you a clue about the quality of her performances.

4. Joanna Angel

Height: 4’11”

short porn stars

It is so hard to begin to describe Joanna Angel because she has so many sexy features to her favor! As you can see, she is very tiny, but she is also covered in tattoos that make her even more stunning! Joanna will stand out from the rest if you like those kinds of looks. She is also very talented. She is an exotic dancer, a writer, and a director! You can tell she really enjoys everything about the industry.

5. Jane Wilde

Height: 5′

tiniest porn star

Her slim and perfectly proportioned body might hide it very well, but Jane Wilde is also the tiniest pornstar you can toss around anytime you want. Don’t get fooled by her innocent looks, though. Those puppy eyes know how to manipulate men into doing her bidding and fucking her as hard as she wants. And when Jane is not getting pounded without mercy, she makes other cuties have the best orgasm of their life.

6. Skylar Valentine

Height: 4’7″

shortest pornstars

Skylar Valentine is very sweet and adorable and, as you can see, extremely tiny too! She has a cute frame and pretty face, but, on top of it all, a very slutty personality. Very few girls have the opportunity to say that they are smaller than her. And very few can handle rough sex as well as she does! To see her getting rammed violently is a show you won’t want to miss.

7. Lilly Ford

Height: 4’11”

Lilly Ford small pornstar

Not everyone looks as happy to get pounded as Lilly Ford does. You can tell she loves getting fucked in all positions. It is almost as if her body cannot fit all of the horniness she builds before every scene and has to explode each time she gets the cock she wants. She is not only one of the smallest girls on the list, but she is also one of our favorite submissive babes. Lilly simply looks best when paired with a mature woman or a strong man.

8. Angel Smalls

Height: 5′

Angel Smalls petite pornstar

One of the most bubbly personalities on our list. Angel Smalls looks like she is having a blast while showing off to the camera. Her smile is very genuine and so charming you won’t want to stop looking at her. Angel loves to get her pussy stretched as much as possible, and her hardcore scenes are top-level. Gangbangs, interracial, she leaves nothing behind! If you are into petite pornstars, she is your girl!

9. Penny Pax

Height: 5′

short pornstar Penny Pax

A redhead with a voluptuous body is just what the doctor ordered! Those delicious curves are all-natural and look perfect with her beautiful face. She has had a career long enough to make sure you won’t get to the end of her films quickly, meaning that you will have plenty of time to look closely at her scenes and jerk off until your heart's content!

10. Sheridan Love

Height: 4’11”

 Sheridan Love pornstar tiny

If you were looking for the kinkiest on the list, you just found her! This short hottie is the MILF you fantasized about your whole teenage years. She has pierced nipples that complement beautifully her massive tits, and an ass you won’t get tired of seeing get fucked intensely! We would see her special attack is those amazing boob jobs she gives to those large cocks she loves.

11. Trinity St. Clair

Height: 5′

smallest pornstar Trinity St. Clair

Trinity Sr. Clair has a distinctive expression on her face that screams: fuck me right now! This Italian pornstar has perfectly tanned skin and perky tits that make her even more delicious! What is more remarkable about this hot short pornstar is that she loves to try new things.

Trinity doesn’t know the meaning of the word taboo when it comes to sex and is ready to practice all sorts of positions whenever possible.

And she is one of the smallest pornstars out there!

12. Jynx Maze

Height: 5′

Jynx Maze porn star small

She might not look like it, but Jynx Maze is already a mature woman with a long career behind her back. This is always great news because it means you will be able to see plenty of her work without reaching an end. Anal sex is one of her specialties, and being this stunning, we are sure she will continue delighting us with her hot scenes for a much longer time.

13. Sunny Lane

Height: 5′

Sunny Lane

Sunny Lane is another 5’ babe with perfectly placed curves that knows how to take cock in the deepest spots of her body. Her playful personality makes it even more entertaining to watch, giving you a great combination of fun and sexiness. Sunny Lane is one pornstar with lots of sexual appetites, sadly enough, she is no longer active in the industry, but her old films are very worth watching.

14. Holly Hendrix

Height: 4’10”

Holly Hendrix small pornstar

We can get enough of this cock-hungry little slut. It is so amazing to watch little Holly Hendrix devour massive cocks deep down her throat, but is even more stunning to watch her getting her tight holes pounded mercilessly without even flinching. Holly seems to never get completely satisfied unless she has a cock all the way in her pussy, ramming her violently, and we couldn’t be more pleasantly impressed.

15. Vina Sky

Height: 5′

Vina Sky petite and tiny porn

Vina Sky is simply adorable. There is no debate about that or someone doubting that fact. Her cuteness is beyond normal, and her love for hardcore sex, too! She seems to be the happiest with the freedom of fucking whichever dick she encounters, and when you have such deep desires to get pounded endlessly without being judged, Vina discovered that the porn industry is your perfect home.

16. Kenzie Reeves

Height: 4’10”

Kenzie Reeves cute pornstar petite

As hard to imagine a pornstar with a tighter body than Kenzie Reeves. She flaunts shamelessly the fact that she is very petite and flexible. It’s like Kenzie is on a mission of proving she can take all of the cocks she wants and give them the best orgasms ever. Her petite body doesn’t prevent her from getting pounded with huge dicks, and she doesn’t seem to bother! In fact, seems amused by it.

17. Aspen Romanoff

Height: 4’11”

Aspen Romanoff

This dorky little girl made her way into the list because she is almost the tiniest pornstar in the whole pornography industry. Aspen Romanoff must be one of the most underrated girls on the list since very few people have ever heard about her, but that’s where we come into action, presenting you these hot babes so you can fulfill your fantasies of fucking a short and slutty pornstar.

18. Piper Perri

Height: 4’10”

Piper Perri teen and petite

We thought Piper Perri was the smallest pornstar of the moment until we doubled checked our facts for this list and realized there is another one that holds that title. However, Piper Perri must be the most famous short pornstar right now. You must recognize her for the famous picture of her sitting innocently in the middle of five large black guys! Pretty legendary if you ask us.

19. Jasmine Grey

Height: 4’9″

Jasmine Grey

And we finally get to meet the shortest of them all. The pornstar earns the title of the smallest pornstar of the moment. Why isn’t she in the last spot? You will find out shortly, but Jasmine Grey is as tiny as you will get in the pornography industry. She is obviously petite but blessed with a gorgeous pair of tits that will make you want to bury your face in. Jasmine is also very skilled and loves to deep-throat cocks on a daily basis.

20. Madison Ivy

Height: 4’11”

Madison Ivy

Madison Ivy is not the smallest pornstar for very little, but we needed to add her to the last spot of our Top 20 Shortest Pornstars of the month because her sexiness is out of this world.

This sex Goddess got the whole industry sad with her retirement but decided she couldn’t leave so soon and made a comeback that left all of her fans astonished and pleasantly surprised. Madison is the queen for something, her performances are top-tier.

The Smallest Pornstar

So who did earn the award for the smallest pornstar?

The winner is Skylar Valentine! She is super cute and extremely small and she definitely deserves this award!

Did you like our short picks?

These girls sure know how to prove to the audience that their small frames are as horny as they can get once it's time to record a new scene, and we are so glad they decided to make a career in the pornography industry!!

We all need a small cutie with a huge appetite for sex to take care of our darkest urges and fulfill her wishes as well.

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