Top 20 Teen Pornstars in 2023

Top 20 Teen Pornstars in 2023

Looking for the best teen pornstars? Find here all the list of teens and your pornstars in 2023!

Teen girls are such a fantasy in the porn industry. You only need to add the words “barely legal” to any porn site search bar to get thousands of results. And because we know you love them, we bring you the best of the best from this famous category. Find them all in our top 20 teen pornstars list by raising stars and teens with already years of the trajectory!

The best part of getting to know those teen pornstars is that they might just be the next Mia Khalifa. A legendary actress is known worldwide by porn lovers and pretty much everybody else, and you got the opportunity to watch her career from the beginning! Grab your popcorn (or bottle of lotion) and get to know our selection of the naughties teenagers out there.

1. Taylee Wood

We begin with a sexy Czech teen that’s just as slutty as you would expect from this top list. Do you think that younger girls are nastier than older women? Well, Taylee might reaffirm that belief of yours with one single video. She is coming so hard into the industry that we highly believe she will continue starring in many porn films in the future. She has a voluptuous body with natural breasts and the roundest of bottoms. You will be hypnotized if you watch how she blowjobs the most giant dicks!

Taylee Wood teen pornstar

2. Scarlit Scandal

Her name definitely suits her because you will be signing up for a very wild ride if you take a look at her pornography filmography. Scarlit will get you an immediate hard-on once you see her take all of the cum in the porn industry over her perfect body. She features some of the hottest videos and deserves the spot on our list because this petite darling will make your heart race like a rollercoaster.

Scarlit Scandal teen

3. Danni Rivers

If you are looking for the most authentic experience in the porn industry, you found it in the form of a hot teenager who didn’t need to get through any surgery to achieve one of the most gorgeous bodies we have ever seen. Her natural pair of tits and beautiful face screaming at you that she is enjoying the ride on her tiny holes are sure to enchant you. There is nothing fake about this pornstar, not even her moanings!

Danni Rivers teen pornstar

4. Lily Larimar

Lily started her pornography career as a camgirl; you can tell because we promise she is the most skilled in making you cum just by showing off. One of the hottest young pornstars out there, and she is truly a dream for any petite lover. She has a slim body, perky tits, and a small butt that, complemented by her cute smile, has fucked her way into this list. Look for her on your favorite porn site, and you will understand why so many people just love her.

Lily Larimar

5. Gabbie Carter

You might have already watched plenty of porn films about her without realizing it because she is truly everywhere! And how couldn’t she if Gabbie is a natural-born performer? She is the pick for those who love a naughty teen but enjoy a curvy body with big natural tits. She is one of the favorites in the porn industry at the moment, and she looks fantastic in every single scene where Gabbie gets to show the audience all of her skills. If you haven’t had the luck to see that spectacular act, you need to run now and do so!

Gabbie Carter

6. Autumn Falls

This girl takes her job very seriously because all her films are just top. One of the sexiest and fastest-growing on the list, without a doubt. Autumn is another pornstar that is so famous we find it hard that you haven’t heard about her yet. Her performances are just out of this world, and of course, she is so gorgeous. She has a natural beauty that drags people in. Did we mention she is one of the best Latina pornstars? Maybe that’s why she got so many men and women head over heels for her!

Autumn Falls

7. Bailey Base

As we told you in the beginning, we wanted to bring you the best from the best and find your new favorite teen in pornography, and that is exactly why we brought Bailey to the list. She is new, but her talent delivers top-notched films comparable to some of the most prominent pornstars! Bailey started to shoot porn scenes as soon as she turned 18, and since then, she’s done it all. Just take a look at one of her videos and thank us later because this girl has an insatiable appetite for sex!

Bailey Base teen

8. Tori Montana

Looking for innocent-looking teenagers? Some of the pornstars on our list are, but not Tori. Tori has been in the industry since 2019 and is here to deliver you the spiciest of the scenes with all the mischief on her face. Even though she doesn’t have that many years of filming, she has already done it with some of the biggest agencies, but that is not all of her experience. She used to strip and dance in clubs, so she sure knows how to put up a good show!

Tori Montana

9. Lulu Chu

We had to include this Asian pornstar bombshell on the list because she is the type of girl that knows how to make you horny with a single look. Lulu Chu is stunningly beautiful and one of the youngest out there. But don’t let her age fool you. Her talent really shows because she is not a single inch shy on deepthroat any pornstar that gets in her way. She is more on the petite side and looks like your good girl gone bad. Look for her videos and watch both men and females dominate her.

Lulu Chu

10. Aria Lee

Aria was born in the 2000s and would already shame a lot of older pornstars with her jerking skills. Being a teenager and a newbie in the porn industry is not an easy task. All of the debutants want to be the next super pornstar, but Aria sure knew how to crawl her way up with her cuteness and naughtiness. Give her a chance because she is sure to amaze you. You won’t even understand how such a slim and tiny body is able to get things so deep inside!

Aria Lee

11. Clara Trinity

Being small in the porn industry is so hard! You always get paired with the strongest and most enormous dudes to be carried and thrown away in the most impossible of positions. Playing submissive roles… Taking huge cocks… Clara’s life must not be easy! But unquestionably so pleasurable for us, the viewers. She is petite and perfect for becoming all of her partner’s new sex toys. But let’s not be fooled here, she can take it all, and there are plenty of videos to prove it!

Clara Trinity

12. Indica Monroe

Is it possible to be considered a teen pornstar that also fits in the MILF category? Hell yes! Indica might be young, but she debuted when she was 18 and pregnant. Since then, she has blessed all of her fans with the hottest scenes. She is not your typical petite teenager (which are delicious, don’t get us wrong), but she is definitely on the busty side, voluptuous, and simply gorgeous. Indica is still very new. She is only 19, so follow her to keep discovering all of her recent shoots.

Indica Monroe

13. Ellie Eilish

Not to be mistaken with the famous singer Billie Eilish, which we did for a second and got extremely excited about. This girl is what you would call in English “a horny slut”. It seems like Ellie live dream was to get pounded by older men until her heart’s content, meaning that the only logical next move was to become a pornstar and make a living in the way. She is petite and has this whole geeky vibe that we couldn’t help but simply adore.

Ellie Eilish

14. Darcia Lee

Who doesn’t love a girl who seems so flexible and lively that she could recreate all Kamasutra positions in a single session? Well, Darcia will show you that besides looking like a contortionist, her fucking skills are not to play with. This 21-years old girl seems to be ideally suited for hardcore and vanilla films. Still, the hardcore ones are where she gets to shine the most because Darcia sure is one horny teenager—highly recommended to check this European beauty out.

Darcia Lee

15. Kylie Rocket

We haven’t talked enough about teenager girls fucking other teenager girls on this list. If you are into that kind of deal, you need to look at kylie’s videos on the internet. She is only 19 but equally skilled in sucking big dicks and licking wet pussies. Kylie has stated that she has always loved porn films, that’s a bit rare among women in general, but we sure appreciate it because it’s terribly hot. There is nothing innocent about her. You wouldn’t believe such a small girl has that big of an appetite.

Kylie Rocket

16. Naomi Swann

Naomi only needed two years of pornographic career to make a name in the industry. She is so popular right now, and we can understand why! We can’t get enough of petite, tiny and adorable girls with strong likes for getting fucked senseless. And if you thought you wouldn’t find much content for her short career, think twice because she has already done all types of scenes! Anal, interracial, squirting, creampies, and the list continues.

Naomi Swann

17. Brooklyn Gray

Fetishes and kinks galore! Brooklyn is all about embracing sexuality and pushing the limits. You wouldn’t think that most pornstars must be already tired of fucking after long shootings, but Brooklyn is the one that would keep going just for the fun. If you dive into her impressive filmography, you will get one of the most diverse genres of all of the girls from the list. She is not afraid to adventure in new things, and you will want to cheer her up in the process.

Brooklyn Gray

18. Vina Sky

We can’t get enough of these petite teenage girls. They are just so yummy. Vina is what you expect to pop out in any “teen” category from your favorite porn site. She is slender, has perky tits, tight holes, pierced nipples, and of course, she is the sluttiest of them all, too. She seems to enjoy being treated like a doll because the amount of films where she gets to play the sex slave doll is just too high! She is so cute we almost feel bad for her in the most hardcore scenes, but then you get to see her face and see how much she loves it!

Vina Sky

19. Eva Elfie

We almost left her out of the list because she is so popular we had a hard time grasping the idea of you not knowing Eva Elfie. But then we just felt so bad for the poor unfortunate souls that haven’t crossed their ways with her that we decided to put her on the list anyways. She is a Russian pornstar that became an immediate hit with her stunning looks and erotic scenes. You can tell she is very comfortable in front of the camera, and if you are going to start watching her videos look for one with another girl staring, those are to die for.

Eva Elfie

20. Savannah Sixx

Young, hot, and bothered, that’s how we all want our teenager pornstars, and Savanna is an excellent example of the category. She is one of the youngest, and you won’t believe this little angel started her career just to explore her own sexuality. What an over-the-top way to do it, but thank God she did! Because now we have Savannah to fulfill our wildest dreams with her natural tits and perfectly tight pussy.

Savannah Sixx

21. Angel Youngs

Angel is a pick on this list that just came out fresh from the oven! Meaning that her debut was so little ago that we can still consider her a newbie in the sex industry. However, once you watch her films, you will notice there is nothing amateur in her skills, thus earning her a spot on our top teen pornstars of 2023. This hot babe has a beautiful set of double Ds and a massive sex drive that doesn’t seem to be mitigated even with the largest cocks.

22. Aubree Valentine

We had to finish with a big hit. This would be our fans' pick because she is very famous and beloved by the community in such a short time that we had to add her. Aubree is a gorgeous brunette teen pornstar that started as a camgirl and became your new favorite pornstar. So you must already guess that she is comfortable showing her lovely body on the camera and, of course, making you cum just for it.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of teen pornstars!

These girls might be young but sure know how to seduce a man. The sexiness that oozes through their pores is simply out of this world! And porn industry has no lack of these upcoming stars, so rest assured that we will come back with a continuation of this list.

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