Top 20 Most Beautiful Pornstars of this year!

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Top 20 Most Beautiful Pornstars of 2023

There are plenty of beautiful girls in the porn industry, but here you will find the Top 20 Most Beautiful Pornstars of 2023!

Among different preferences, kinks, and fetishes, an aspect remains relevant, and that’s simply how beautiful a pornstar can be. Skills and talent are very important, but if you had to choose, wouldn’t you prefer them to be pure eye candy? To top it all, on this list, we focused on the ones that were the prettiest and those that know how to show off their bodies the best in front of the camera!

We guarantee you these stunners are not to be taken lightly and are much more than looks. This is a lot to say since you will see they are as gorgeous as they could get. We will keep it short and simple. You will know what to do once you are finished here.

1. Eva Elfie

Eva Elfie cute pornstar

How could we not begin our list of the most beautiful pornstars of this year with the stunning Eva Elfie? She has featured several of our tops and deserves all the spotlight we can give her. Very few women have the privilege of being compared in beautiness with Eva Elfie but don’t worry, this whole list was made to present to you exactly all of them.

2. Angela White

Angela White

A pair of H-cup boobs is not something you have the fortune to see every day. Lucky for you, thanks to Miss Angela White, you will be able to enjoy them anytime you want through her marvelous porn films. This Australian can make the oldest of cocks raise from death out of pure sexiness, not to mention she is gorgeous all the way through, from head to toe!

3. Codi Vore

codi vore pornstar

Codi Vore has two things going on for her that won’t let you get enough sleep at night: her stunning pair of tits. But that’s not everything that she has going on for her. Codi’s sex appeal oozes from each one of her pores and is able to hypnotize you long enough to make you cum without even realizing it! It is truly an experience out of this world.

4. Alina Ali

Alina Ali ebony pornstar

I think we would never get tired of this stunning ebony pornstar. She simply has such a rare and natural beauty that we can’t get our eyes off her! Alina Ali is fresh, tight, has the perfect amount of curves, and overall looks like a sculpture that came alive. And besides her gorgeous appearance, we must say that her bubbly personality makes her even more attractive!

5. Lily Lou

Lily Lou

This young starlet is not for the faint of heart. A simple movement of her hips will drive you insane, and if you pair that with any of the scenes where her all-natural boobs bounce in the air as she gets rammed violently, you will have the spectacle of your life. Lily Lou knows how to make men and women drool for her, and she won’t doubt to charm her way through!

6. Gabbie Carter

Gabbie Carter

If you were to only focus on Gabbie’s face, you would find a cute and innocent-looking babe, but if you take all of her hot body into consideration, you get a killer combo with those naturally huge tits and juicy bottom. She might have only 22, but this teenager is more than ready to please every partner with mastery and get every cock, no matter how big and thick they are.

7. Bunny Colby

Bunny Colby

Like straight out of a fashion magazine, Bunny Colby is one of the most gorgeous redheads we have ever seen. She has a slim body that’s rather petite, but her beautiful breasts make perfect contrasts to look at. They are the perfect size for her body, not too big or small, and so round and perky you will want to immediately get them inside your mouth and forget about the world.

8. Josephine Jackson

Josephine Jackson

If looks could kill, we would have already died with the first glimpse of the body of this goddess. Josephine Jackson has one hell of a body. Perfectly proportionate and extremely seductive, Josephine has zero trouble making her partners cum until their balls are empty without even sweating. And we assure you she won’t have trouble making you cum, either.

9. Stacy Cruz

Stacy Cruz

Stacy Cruz is perfectly suited to be one of your French girls to paint on a canvas. And we are sure that the fact that she is Czech simply adds to the reasons why she is so beautiful. Stacy has gorgeous 32C tits that remain pointing to the sky as perky as they can get and a lust for cock that will leave you on your knees, begging her for more.

10. Jia Lissa

Jia Lissa

We are the ones to believe that sometimes, the smaller, the better. There is something very beautiful about a smallest pornstars and equally small breasts that make our hearts race each time we encounter such beauty on the screen. If you are also a lover of those petite and adorable looks, you will love Jia Lissa. Since she loves to get fucked, you can enjoy her in every position possible.

11. Nancy Ace

Nancy Ace

Nancy Ambrosia, or Nancy Ace, is one of the first pornstars that popped up in our head when we were starting to develop this list, and a quick look at any of her photos or videos will tell you why. On top of her stunning beauty, this European pornstar is very kinky, which means that you will see her starring in plenty of fetish-friendly videos and will knock your socks off.

12. Charlotte Sins

Charlotte Sins

Who said you needed a big pair of tits to be successful in the pornography industry and be considered one of the most beautiful pornstars of the year? We sure didn’t, and Charlotte Sins are here to prove anyone that thinks that wrong. This seductress is pure eye candy, and so delicious your mouth will get watery. If you haven’t seen her yet, you are missing a lot!

13. Alyx Star

Alyx Star

Being voluptuous, horny, and wet of the main characteristics this gorgeous woman has going on for her. She has a thick and curvy figure many men and women would die for, and her hunger for dick doesn’t seem to get satiated any time soon. Alyx Star is pure juiciness, and we assure you she looks just as stunning from every angle she decides to position her body.

14. Freya Parker

Freya Parker

If you think there are not enough slim and petite babes on this list, here we bring you the lovely Freya Parker. She might still be one of the Top Teen pornstars, but she sure is one naughty little girl. Don’t get fooled by her innocent look and pretty face. She loves hardcore sex and devouring pussy as much as she does sucking on monster cocks. She is a force you definitely need to see in action!

15. Kylie Rocket

Kylie Rocket

Kylie Rocket is adorable, especially when she gets to take a dick deep inside her tight pussy. This sweetheart is petite and flexible, exactly what you need for those lonely nights. She looks gorgeous in every position, and her baby face is pretty, but it seems like she only gets the happiest when she gets cum all over her face after an experienced blowjob.

16. Jasmine Wilde

Jasmine Wilde

This hottie looks like everything that’s right in the world. With a body that seems to be sculpted by the Gods, you can’t do much more than free your growing erection from your pants and start jerking off to this beauty. She is still a newbie, so she doesn’t have much content, but after you see any of Jasmine Wilde's films, we doubt you will be able to take her out of your mind any time soon.

17. Blake Blossom

Blake Blossom

This milky white blonde is nothing less than beautiful, especially when she is getting all stretched out with thick black dicks! Blake Blossom is a dream come true and one of the wettest ones. Her banding body only compares to her naughty behavior, making her one of the hottest and naughtiest babes on the list. Blake is undoubtedly one of the best pornstars of the moment and the most gorgeous.

18. Sara Retali

Sara Retali

We reached so far into this list, and we can’t help but wonder how we haven’t talked more about this stunner. Not many people know Sara Retali is a pornstar since she is fairly new in the pornography industry, but everyone should! This fierce hottie is very curvy, delicious, and oh-so-sexy you won’t be able to relieve your erection with just one little fapping session.

19. Bella Luna

Bella Luna

It was impossible to leave Bella Luna out of the list since she is one of the hottest and at the same time, most adorable pornstars we have seen. Her long legs will want you to get squeezed between them, and her hunger for cock will get any room steamy in no time. This little slut can be both cute and extremely seductive according to the moment, to take the most advantage of the situation possible.

20. Liya Silver

Liya Silver

This list of the Top 20 Most Beautiful Pornstars of the year wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include Liya Silver in it. This young starlet is simply breathtaking, and once you see her videos, you will be forever cursed by the beautiness of this woman, making you come back for more every now and then. Liya is a pro when it comes to sucking dicks and taking them deep in her throat, and you won’t believe just how hard she likes to get fucked in front of the camera.

Did you find your new favorite beautiful pornstar?

After this list, filled with the most gorgeous girls that the pornography industry has to offer, your eyes must feel cleansed! It will be hard to get enough of these babes. The good news is that you will find endless hours of entertainment if you start digging into their filmography. It will be physically impossible to get enough of them!