Best Japanese AV Models and JAV Idols!

If you're a fan of Japanese adult videos, then you won't want to miss out on the best AV models and JAV idols in the industry!

Best JAV Idols in 2024

For all of those Asian lovers, we bring you the Top 15 Japanese AV Idols and Japanese pornstars out there.

There are many beautiful and exotic women out there. Still, Japanese pornstars and JAV Idols are a whole different world within the pornography industry, and that’s why they often get separated times from Asian babes that perform as western pornstars do. The style and performances are so different and delightful in their unique ways.

If you are into JAV idols or want to try something new, you definitely need to check this list until the end because all these babes are as breathtaking as they could be. You can also check the Top Hentai 2024 series!

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1. Marina Shiraishi

Best Japanese AV Models

While voluptuous and curvy pornstars may not be as common among JAV idols, we're grateful that stunning women like Marina Shiraishi can still thrive in the industry.

Her soft and creamy physique is truly a sight to behold, and it would have been a shame if it never received the attention it deserves.

With her undeniable sex appeal and captivating performances, Marina is a true standout in the world of Japanese adult entertainment. We're thrilled to feature her as the first performer on our list!

2. Reiko Kobayakawa

Best JAV Idols

If you're a fan of Japanese pornstars with a seductive edge, you won't want to miss Reiko Kobayashi.

With her captivating gaze and irresistible charm, she has a way of drawing you in and leaving you mesmerized. And with her ample assets and plump derriere, she's a true delight in every scene she graces.

Reiko's incredible talent and energy are on full display in every performance, making her a true standout in the world of Japanese adult entertainment. So why wait? Dive into her world and experience the unforgettable thrills she has to offer!

3. Julia Boin

Julia Boin

Julia Boin has a very unique beautiness to her. She is undoubtedly gorgeous, with an angelic face, but her massive tits don’t really look out of place in her slim body. They are very seamless and round, making her appear even more delicious if that is even possible. Her J-cups sure are impressive, but her skills will pleasantly surprise you as well once you see her getting a dick deep down her throat.

4. Mao Hamasaki

Mao Hamasaki

It was about time we added an innocent-looking babe to the list. Mao Hamasaki is so cute that looks like a fantasy. And her playful personality will make you both very hot and bothered. However, even if she looks like a fallen angel, she also knows how to make things steamy. Mao can be very sexy if she tries, giving you the perfect combination of a sexy slut and an adorable sweetheart.

5. Yua Mikami

Yua Mikami

Yua Mikami only seems satisfied when a big cock is finally presented to her since the biggest smiles you will see on her face occur right before devouring a fat dick. She is a very cute pornstar and tight and has a delicious pair of tits that you will want to bury your face in. Yua might be petite, but she won’t even flinch when it comes to getting fucked by the same monster cocks she likes to suck on.

6. Asahi Mizuno

Asahi Mizuno

Regarding skills and talent, Asahi Mizuno is one of the best Japanese Pornstars we have had the fortune to encounter. She has great expertise in handling a cock and making it cum, and she also knows how to show off to make you cum on the order side of your screen. Asahi has beautiful legs, but what stands out is her gorgeous pair of tits that remain perfectly perky besides her size.

7. Rara Anzai (Shion Utsunomiya)

Rara Anzai (Shion Utsunomiya)

It doesn’t matter which name she decides to take. Rara Anzai, or Shion Utsunomiya, is simply one of the hottest we have ever seen in the Japanese or JAV Idol category. Her face and figure are heavenly, but her massive breasts look out of this world. But Rara is much more than a pretty face and huge tits because she knows how to get over her partners and rail their dicks as if there’s no tomorrow.

8. Aoi Kururugi

Aoi Kururugi

Once you see her, it will be very hard to imagine a cutter girl than Aoi Kururugi. She looks like an anime girl and the wifu you would want to marry for life. Aoi is petite, adorable, and surprisingly horny, given her sweet looks. She has a very traditional image, and if you are a fan of Japanese pornstars, someone like Aoi Kururugi is probably what you were looking for.

9. Eimi Fukada

Eimi Fukada

If you haven’t seen Eimi Fukada before, you won’t believe just how beautiful this woman is. She looks like a J-pop idol or a Japanese top model. We are sure she would have had a successful career in those areas, but we will be forever grateful that she decided to delight the world with her body in the pornography industry. Among all of the girls on the list, we are positive Eimi is one of those that will give you the strongest impressions.

10. Yui Hatano

Yui Hatano

Yui Hatano has such a naughty and playful look on her face that all we want to do is follow her to whatever fantasy she tries to lead us into. She is petite and slutty, and loves to get fucked by huge cocks as much as she loves to lick wet pussies and make them cum. You heard that right, if you love some quality girl-on-girl action, you must look for some of Yui Hatano’s films and see her for yourself.

11. Saeko Matsushita

Saeko Matsushita

Saeko Matsushita is very enthusiastic when it comes to getting pounded into oblivion. You often see her between larger males as they cover her in their cum. And besides the hardcore nature of the films she stars in, her gorgeous body and faces sure make her stand out from the crowd. This starlet is packed with the energy necessary to take all the dick she is required to, and she loves it.

12. Erika Kitagawa

Erika Kitagawa

The hourglass body of this stunning JAV Idol will leave your jaw on the floor. Erika Kitagawa is stunning in every sense of the word. Her body is perfectly proportioned into one of the hottest bodies in the category, and the way she just loves to show it off to the camera is simply heart-stopping. She looks very innocent, but her eyes don’t allow her to lie since they look like they want to eat you whole once and for all.

13. Mio Kimijima

Mio Kimijima

Do you get easily excited by a woman’s moan? Well, who wouldn’t? But If you feel a special interest in the soft and sexy voices of Japanese pornstars cooing into your ears, you might love how Mio Kimijima is able to make any man cum simply by moaning into their ear. Of course, her voice becomes all the more seductive when you see her perfectly complementing her hot figure and stunning face.

14. Kirara Asuka

Kirara Asuka

In our opinion, big tits with very perky and small nipples look the best. It is all about preferences, but they look so cute and gorgeous that you will want to suck on them all day and night. This beautiful pornstar has been blessed with a tight and hot body that would make even the sexiest bodies smaller in comparison. Kirara Asuka’s boobies are triple Ds, and this might be one of the reasons, along with her talent, why she is so popular worldwide.

15. Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa

It was difficult to close this list with the Top 15 Best JAV Idols and Japanese Pornstars when there is so much good material in this industry. However, in this opportunity, the last spot on our list will be given to Miss Maria Ozawa.

She deserved it since she is one of the most famous Japanese pornstars of all time. And once just see any of her films, you will shortly understand why! She has a wide range of scenes on her name, so we are sure you won’t get bored with this babe any time soon.

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As we told you in the beginning, these babes are not to play with. And from our descriptions, you must have a grasp of the quality these pornstars can bring to the table. Don’t be shy and give them all a try! You won’t get disappointed, and every minute will be worth watching!

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