Hottest Japanese Pornstars in 2024

Find out the best Japanese Pornstars of 2024, you won't regret it!

Hottest Japanese Pornstars 2024

Fancy some Japanese girls? Check out our top 15 Hottest Japanese Pornstars in the pornography industry.

Japanese models are some of the cutest and most innocent-looking in the industry but don’t get fooled by their sweet appearance. They also come in all types of sizes, and they can play your typical submissive role or be the MILF you were looking for. Japanese Pornstars and JAV Idols have something very unique in the way they perform that you cannot taste in western films.

Among these cuties here, you have the best from the best. Since they are a little harder to find, this list will be very helpful, and we are sure you will have more than one pleasant surprise when you dig into these hot women’s filmography.

1. Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi Tanaka JAV idol

We begin our list with one hottie that sports a massive pair of tits. And when we say massive, we mean it! She has the biggest tits and will make you think that maybe those hentai girls weren’t so unreal and exaggerated after all. Besides her humongous boobs, Hitomi Tanaka has a very small body and a sweet face that makes it the more exciting once you see her performing in the films.

2. Miho Ichiki

Miho Ichiki japanese pornstar

She might have a typically Japanese face with an innocent look, but she is one of the slutiest girls on this list. Miho Ichiki has very impressive and perfectly round tits, but somehow they pair perfectly with her body. You can tell by the way she smiles and screams just how much she loves getting fucked, and we are happy that she decided to join the pornography industry!

3. Hibiki Otsuki

Hibiki Otsuki

Hibiki Otsuki could be easily mistaken for a Japanese doll or idol because she looks that perfect. Her figure is heavenly, so well proportionate that it will make you drool. She is not exactly flat-chested. Her tiny tits make her one of the best tiny porn actress. We are convinced that everyone needs to listen to this angel moaning at least once in their lives!

4. Shunka Ayami

Shunka Ayami japanase av idol

If there’s something very outstanding about Shunka Ayami, it is that she is the queen of taking big cocks with the biggest smiles. Once you see her perform, you will notice that she adores getting fucked in every position available. And her hunger for dick, paired with her perfectly perky tits, make her want the most delicious Asian treats you can enjoy.

5. Anri Okita

Anri Okita

If you are a JAV Idols and Japanese Pornstars fan, you probably have seen this gorgeous woman in action. Anri Okita is the proud owner of some of the most delicious pairs of tits in the pornography industry for her own category. And believe it or not, the is entirely natural! And just as soft as you can imagine. 32F is not a size you find every day in the Asian industry!

6. Yuu Shinoda

Yuu Shinoda

Petite and such a cute smile, but with the naughtiest personality. Yuu Shinoda might not have the biggest tits or fattest ass; however, they look so perfectly juicy on her small frame that you will have the urge to squeeze them anyways! Her curves are delicious, just as they are, and her experience in porn has made her a master in doing exactly what will make you cum.

7. Nanami Matsumoto

Nanami Matsumoto

There’s something about Nanami Matsumoto that makes her look straight out of a Japanese manga. Maybe it is her small and adorable face that gives such a familiarly warm feeling or the fact that her breasts are as bouncy and full as your favorite characters. There’s no wonder why she is one of the Japanese top performers, and we could rewatch her films anytime.

8. Kaho Shibuya

Kaho Shibuya

Do you like cosplaying girls and roleplaying? Then Kaho Shibuya will probably be your new favorite Japanese pornstar! Kaho is very talented in both her cosplaying skills and love-making techniques. Besides her hot appearance, like many of the most beloved characters out there, she can give a real show when she squirts! We assure you that’s something you won’t want to miss.

9. Aimi Yoshikawa

Aimi Yoshikawa

Among the horniest and sluttiest Japanese idols and pornstars raises Aimi Yoshikawa as one of the sexiest of them all. She is everything you would wish for. She has a banging pair of tits, the cock hunger of a nymphomaniac, and a pussy so delicious your mouth won’t stop watering. Aimi will take care of you as only she knows how to make sure you cum all that’s humanly possible!

10. Maria Nagai

Maria Nagai

We started this list with one simple mission, to bring you the best and hottest Japanese pornstars out there, and Maria Nagai's thickness granted her a much-deserved spot here. Her curviness is insane for most JAV idols, but she also has one of the prettiest faces in the porn industry. Her sweetness and her seductiveness sure make a deadly combination.

11. Tsukasa Aoi

Tsukasa Aoi

This young pornstar must be one of the most innocent-looking girls on our list. She tends to roleplay as a schoolgirl because her face and body are just so perfect for the job. Tsukasa Aoi is very cute and her small frame makes it easy for her partners to position her body at the hottest angles possible. We highly recommend you give this adorable babe a try!

12. Ruka Inaba

Ruka Inaba

Ruka Inaba is on the thicker side for the Japanese standard, but we are sure that must be a total plus for most of you! Ruka is well known for her doll eyes, naughty nature, and the well she can take being pounded mercilessly until her partner is finally satisfied. This young pornstar is not playing games in bed and will give you a strong hard-on without even undressing completely.

13. Minori Hatsune

Minori Hatsune

Her bubbly and fun personality is just what you needed to make your day! And a great jerking-off session, of course. Lucky you, Minori Hatsune can serve you both at the same time! She is very sexy and has a unique character that makes her all the more loveable. We are sure she will appear in many of your wet dreams once you get to see one of her films.

14. Ai Uehara

Ai Uehara

It is impossible to talk about the hottest Japanese Pornstars and not mention the oh-so-sweet, Ai Uehara. She takes the word stunning to a whole different level. She looks like a magazine model, or even a computer-generated character because her business is simply out of this world. For us, she is the most attractive model of them all, with some of the hottest scenes we’ve ever seen in this category.

15. Aika Yumeno

Aika Yumeno

Finally, to address the last spot in our Top 15 Hottest Japanese Pornstars and JAV Idols we bring you Aika Yumeno. She is the perfect balance of an extremely gorgeous babe and the nastiest of them. She is young, small, has huge tits, and her moans have the power to make you cum in no time. Aika is as hot as it can get and we only wish she continues delighting us with her steamy films.

Did you enjoy our list of the Best Japanese Pornstars?

These girls are truly to die for, and every film of them is like a wet dream coming true. They all have great talent in what they do and are so hot to watch! You will have the best jerking-off sessions with these babes guaranteed!

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