The 20 Best Asian Pornstars of 2023

Look at the Top 20 Best Asian Pornstars of 2023!

the 20 best Asian Pornstars of 2023

Looking for the 20 Best Asian of 2023? We have the hottest and top Asian pornstars of the year!!

Asian pornstars are such a big hit worldwide; these actresses have plenty of fans, and you probably are one of them. If we are correct, you came to the right place! Because we put together this list condensed with the hottest Asian pornstars of 2023! You will surely find it fits your likes because Asian girls come in many shapes!

Whether you prefer them petit or busty, you will discover some stunning babes here that will give you some of the best jerking experiences. Remember that you will find them all over your favorite porn sites regardless if they are starlets or retired pornstars. So let’s jump right into it!

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1. Kalina Ryu

Have a kink about smallest pornstars or Asian girls? She might be the one for you. Kalina is especially keen on her pornographic career since she discovered that this industry would lead her to taste all types of cocks she so deeply desired. Her career started as a passing activity supposed to give her some quick money. Still, her popularity and love for sex proved to her that this was her life's opportunity to satisfy her sex cravings and succeed.

Kalina Ryu

2. Jada Kai

One of the newbies on our list. Jada has only two years in this industry, but it’s coming so hard that she definitely deserves a spot here. From the beginning, she has been warmly received by the audience and has worked in dozens of films featuring some of the hottest scenes and even some amateur content. She sports a gorgeous body, and could you believe she is a figure skater too? You won’t want to miss any of the appearances of this very talented and hot actress.

Jada Kai

3. Vina Sky

Vina is one of the petite queens on the list. Don’t be fooled by her tiny and innocent appearance because she loves hardcore sex and being dominated by much larger and muscular women! When you first encounter Vina in one of her films, her cute and sweet look will mesmerize you, but once you get to the steamy parts, you will see her transformation on the first seat! She becomes nothing less than a horny and perverted slut that will give you the best hard-on!

Vina Sky

4. Rae Lil Black

Rae is such a beloved pornstar at the moment! If you already know her, it might be on your favorites list. She is one of the most stunning starlets in the porn industry, but you can also find her filmography! She loves to get fucked in front of the camera, so she never misses a chance to record herself and upload content just for her audience. In this case, you want to give her a follow on social media besides looking for her on porn sites. The fact that she decides to turn on her camera and show you her round ass adds a special something, right?

Rae Lil Black

5. Jade Kush

This Chinese pornstar is simply one of the best out there—no buts in the sentence. Jade is everything you would wish for in an Asian pornstar. A voluptuous body, big natural boobs, juicy ass, and of course, a like for making her partners cum over and over. Even if you are more into petite Asians, we would suggest you give her films a try to understand why she has such a title. There’s nothing you should miss from Jade! We assure you that she will give you lots of fun.

jade Kush

6. Sharon Lee

Sharon is no newbie in the pornographic industry, she has more than 10 years of experience doing adult films, and you can definitely see that. Her body is to die for, and she has done it all, hardcore, vanilla, anal, double penetrations, you name them. Just play around with keywords, and you will probably find something that fits your likes. And there is a twist to this Asian babe. She was born and raised in France, meaning you will hear that hot accent while she comes for the camera.

Sharon Lee

7. Saya Song

Don’t get fooled by her slim frame. Like most small pornstars, Saya uses her small figure and submissive personality to give you a very hot experience on screen. She loves being dominated, and if thin bodies with flat chests and small cheeks turn you on, this pornstar is just what the doctor prescribed. You will find films featuring anal sex and, of course, much more delightful positions that will make you swoon over this adorable actress and ask for more.

saya song

8. Avery Black

We are all about newbies. It is so exciting to watch a girl enter the porn industry until she becomes a star. Avery is one of those promising starlets that has not been disappointed with her performances! Blessed with a petite frame and perky tits, she has climbed her way into starring in some amazing films where you will find her sucking plenty of dicks and fucking until her partner (and probably you as well) can’t cum anymore. She is an actress that you probably want to keep an eye on because she is sure to keep surprising us!

avery black

9. Fujiko Kano

Fujiko is a pick that we brought to you specifically because we thought you wouldn’t have heard of her, but it is so good that you definitely need to meet her! This gorgeous Japanese Pornstar might be playing your stereotypical Asian submissive role, but don’t get fooled because she jumped to the Women’s Extreme Wrestling organization to the delight of the viewers. Fujiko is indeed very talented, and her finishing movement is called “Bonzai tongue drop”. Just how cool is that?

10. Katsumi

You cannot get any more exotic than Katsumi. She is a fantastic pornstar with a charming face, but she also has some French in the mix! Her mother is French and her father Vietnamese, making her one of the most gorgeous Asian pornstars on the list. But Katsumi is not only about her looks. She sure knows how to take a dick as well. Sadly she is no longer active in the industry. However, there are plenty of films you can still enjoy today, and who knows, maybe one day she decides the industry has missed her enough!


11. Katana

She is one of the Asian pornstars that genuinely make you feel how much she enjoys being manhandled hard. Katana has some perky tiny tits, a gorgeous ass, and loves to be fucked in every position available. Her blowjobs are out of this world, and her slutty behavior sure pairs delightfully with her submissiveness! Not to mention that she has a beautiful smile, especially when it's all covered in cum! Katana is one Asian Pornstar that you don’t want to miss.

Katana pornstar

12. Marica Hase

We know Japanese pornstars just deserve their list! There’s just something extra about them. They are cute but also so hot that we couldn’t leave them out of this list. Marica is just living her American dream of fuck all kinds of guys and sucking cocks in every shape and form. She has a petite figure, small natural tits, and a pretty ass, and you would just swear you are watching the slutiest teenager, but her experience comes with the age because she is a mature woman!

marica hase

13. Alina Li

Aline deserved this stop on the list because we couldn’t help but admire how she remained relevant in the industry. Her tanned skin sure makes her pop from the typical Asian Adult models, and Alina has never failed us while watching her filmography! She can swallow a dick like a pro and will take them inside until they are balls-deep. Alina might not be active nowadays, but you sure will have some quality entertainment with her.

Alina Li pornstar

14. Lulu Chu

We needed to add another teen to the list, and this one is very hot right now. Lulu might have an adorable face and a tiny body, but her pierced tits already give us a clue that she might be just as naughty as we wish. This sexy pornstar will make sure that you have a wonderful time seeing her perfect ass fucking non-stop the cock on shift, just to continue with another partner until she decides she’s had enough.

lulu chu

15. Kaylani Lei

If you are into hardcore scenes, you might love watching Kaylani taking two cocks simultaneously! Kaylani has a pretty face and some tattoos that are rather unusual to see in Asian models. Her tanned skin and perfectly round and proportional tits will surely get you hard in no time! Meet this Filipino diva and find out why she won the award of Best Group Sex Scene at the AVN’s in 2010. You won’t be disappointed!

Kaylani Lei pornstar

16. Ayumi Anime

Do you happen to like Cosplayers? If so, Ayumi might be the pick for you because she changes her looks as often as she changes sexual partners! She is obsessed with changing her hair color, making Ayumi look like a different model in each film. Before starting her pornography career, she participated in Miss Eurasia, representing Korea, and became a model. But Ayumi just wasn’t satisfied with that! Check her filmography to understand why this was definitely the career path she needed to take.

Ayumi Anime pornstar

17. May Thai

Who doesn’t love to watch an innocent-looking girl getting pounded in the most hardcore ways? There is something about the contrast between the shyness and the sluttiness that makes it all the more exciting. May is the right pick for you if you are into this kind of deal. Her adorable frame gets constantly fucked hardcore in every film, we are talking about double penetration, and yes, that includes anal! She is definitely a very dedicated pornstar who knows how to take everything you give her.

may thai

18. Christy Love

Another mature pornstar. She is very well known in the industry as one of the sexiest Asian pornstars at the moment. You might see that she is also on the petite side, but this actress is especially suited for those who love a dominant babe. She is very versatile and can own the biggest cocks and the younger ones. Christy has some experience up to her sleeve that you don’t want to miss out on, just take a look at her cock sucking scenes, and you will understand why we tell you so (you are welcome!)

christy love

19. Rina Ellis

Camgirls are just so hot. Rina undoubtedly paved her way in the pornographic industry after being such a success on these platforms. When you just love to create explicit content so much, it is only logical that you work your career into becoming a true pornstar, and Rina is simply one of the best you will find out there. She looks very excited and can’t hold herself to fuck people on camera. She’s done all kinds of scenes with both male and female partners, and if you haven’t seen her yet, you will quickly understand the charm that made her so famous in the first place when you finally get to her content.

rina ellis

20. Brenna Sparks

Being a pornstar might not be your typical career choice, but Brenna knew this was the right path when she found herself with such high libido and love to show her sexual appetite. We can only be thankful for that! She has many years of performing and starring in different films and has learned the perfect way to seduce her partners and get you, the viewers, to wet your pants in the shortest time. She is gorgeous, of course, and very open to exploring new things, so make sure you keep her name and check on her once in a while because you might find something new and exciting.

brenna sparks

What do you think about our Asian Pornstars list?

We sure tried to meet most people’s likes and included various models on the list. Let us know which one you love the best or which one did we miss. We will come out with a second part, and we would love to hear your opinion to make it perfect.

We hope you found the right pick for you! And you enjoyed the list because we certainly enjoyed completing it for you. Asian pornstars are very special, and we can’t wait to bring you more content like this.

So if you were asking: which are the Best Asian Pornstars of 2023? With this article you will be able to see it for yourself!

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